Weltek Navitek Flip S4 Air Fed Auto Welding Helmet


The Weltek Navitek S4 Airkos Air Fed auto dark welding helmet is a high quality air fed welding mask featuring variable shade from 9-13, making it suitable for all welding jobs. The Navitek® S4 combines the polyvalent S4 auto darkening filter, with one of the largest clear grinding visors available on the market. The Airkos blower unit provides 2 Air flow speeds with it’s Lithium ion battery giving up to 10 hours running time. It provides the filtration of Solid and Liquid Particules (PSL). The bolted and flame retardant face seal guarantees a limited TH2 inward leakage inside the headtop.


Navitek S4 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet features:

  • Flip up visor made in perfectly clear 1,0mm thick polycarbonate for grinding applications
  • Dark Shade: DIN 9-13, Clear Shade: DIN 4
  • Switching Speed: 0-2ms, Arc Sensors: 4
  • Viewing Area: 93 x 43mm
  • Power: Solar
  • Sensitivity & Delay: Yes
  • Grinding: Yes – EN175B
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Conforms to EN166B, 175B, 379

Airkos Blower Unit features:

  • 2 Airflow Speeds 180 & 220 Liters per minute
  • Audible and Visual Clogged Filter Alarm
  • Rechargeable 4 Cell Lithium ion Battery with 10 hours Running Time
  • Supplied with Main Filter & Pre Filter
  • Conforms to EN12941,
  • Weight 1.18 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year.