1mm MIG Welding Wire (15KG)


Available in 1.0mm, 1.2mm & 1.6mm


1 mm Mild Steel Welding Wire (15Kg) – Manufactured to the most exacting standards – to constantly produce quality welds with excellent radiographic and mechanical properties. Conforms to all major international standards.

Ideal for general construction, shipbuilding and automotive industries.


Wire Thickness: 1mm
Spool Size: 15Kg
AWS: A5.18 ER70 S-6
BS: 2901 : A18
EN ISO 14341-A-G 42 4 C1/M21 3Si1
EN 10204 : 3.1
Melting Point °C: 1450
UTS N/mm²: 500
Hardness BHN: 120
Current Type: DC+
Shielding Gas: Argon/ CO2 mix
Premium Mild Steel Wire
High Quality Welding Wire
Manufactured for Precision